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02/21/17 - Will there be a SCC2017?   Yes!  

2017 Entry Form

2017 Rules and welcome letter

For Driver/Car #'s please see NASCAR.COM or JAYSKI.COM


I am completing the rules sheet and will post later.  Short story - you will get the car owner points for each race.   Only pick a car number ONCE.  More to follow.


Dave G.


Please be patient everyone.   Despite the fact that the scoring is all messed up this year I intend to follow the scoring as we have done in the past.   The points that the owner received for the car # will be the points awarded in the contest. 

That being said - please be patient.   I never put the contest together until 2 weeks before Daytona.   With that race taking place on 2/26/17 I have a week or so to put the paperwork together.   Besides, it does not have to be post marked or sent until 2/25!

Quite honestly, I wait until closer to speed weeks as drivers change, car numbers change, and teams change as the first race of the season approaches.  Look for something to be posted this weekend (and that will still be three weeks before the race).

Thanks for your interest.

Dave G.



PLEASE NOTE:  Any questions send me an email dave(AT)guckenberger.com

Standings - The weekly results will be shown in this chart for you to download.  All reports will be posted in PDF format.  

Week # My comments
SUMMARY All entries have been made - download this file to check your entries and everyone else's entry.   Use CTRL-F to find your name as needed.   Any questions or problems let me know as soon as possible.

2016 Rules and Letter

Thanks for playing along - it was a good year.

2016 Final Standings

2016 Payout Report

Dave G.



Any questions send me an email - dave(at)guckenberger.com

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