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2/5/16  Please relax everyone - the forms for 2016 season will be posted this weekend.   The first race of the season is not until 2/21.  Car numbers are not available until cars start showing up next week.    Be Patient.

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Final Standings and payout information

Final Point Standings - Official

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Standings - The weekly results will be shown in this chart for you to download.  All reports will be posted in PDF format.   Download a reader from www.adobe.com if you need one.

Week # My comments
Week 36 To Jeff Gordon - thanks for the memories.   We will miss you.

To Kyle Busch - Rowdy - way to go!   You made it interesting for everyone especially with 11 fewer races.   Nothing like adding more controversy to the sport.

To all contestants - thanks for another great contest.   I will formalize results and post them within 2 weeks,   If you have any questions or concerns let me know.

Week 35 Little E wins the rain shortened race.  Nice job.  The field is set for the final 4 - I am rooting for a repeat from Harvick (who has lead a lot of laps this year) or the sentimental favorite of Gordon.

Our current leader has a 46 point lead heading into the last race (unofficial remember).   If his driver finishes dead last, and the 2nd/3rd place contestants get a 47 point event they could take over on the last race of the year.   Very interesting how this year's contest it turning out.

If you have any questions or concerns please let me know.  Email is shown above (replace AT with @).   Good luck to all.   Next up is Homestead.

Week 34 JJ wins while Logano is taken out by tires.   Looks like Joey is in a MUST win situation fro Phoenix - along with many others.  Should be a great race this weekend.   Two more races to go, good luck to all.
Week 33 Kenseth takes out Logano and the string ends.   Gordon gets that elusive victory in his last season and a ticket to the finals.   Would be nice to see him go out as the Champion!   Next few races should be very good - must watch in my opinion.   Lots of on track action between the drivers with so much on the line.   We are in the home stretch in our contest - good luck to all.  Next up is Texas.
Week 32 Logano wins for the third in a row - nice string of victories.  We are down to 8 drivers for the Cup - sorry to see some guys go but happy to see Gordon still in the hunt.   Would be nice to see him WIN at Homestead and take home the last Cup of his career in the last race of his career.   Would be story book ending.  Good luck to all - 4 weeks to go.
Week 31 Logano wins again - makes things interesting for Dega.  Should be good show on Sunday - don't miss it.
Week 30 Logano wins to secure first spot in the next Chase segment.  Let lots of laps with Harvick in close second.   Harvick is still dialed in for a second Cup this year.   Kenseth had a good run until problems look him out.  Would be nice to see the local kid win another championship.  Nexst up is Kansas - look for JGR teams to dominate once again.
Week 29 Harvick DOMINATES.   Had to win to stay in the Chase.   He has been leading lots of laps - I believe he will defend his title this year.  Next up is Charlotte.
Week 28 Doesn't matter who leads the most laps or dominates the race, what matters is who has enough gas in the tank.   Kenseth wins the race on strategy while Harvick will be forced to win this week in order to defend his title.  Should be a great race this weekend.   Next up is the Monster Mile at Dover - great racing and a great trophy.  Our contest leader has such a great lead that his driver finished LAST and he still maintained the lead.   Sure is interesting.
Week 27 Chase starts The chase starts with a win by Denny Hamlin - Spin and Win!   Nice job again this week by the JGR teams.   The Penske teams finished in the top 10 as well.   Nice to see Gordon in the front near the end, tires would not let him win this race.   Nice scuffle between Kevin and Jimmy after the race, I don't think the defending champ liked that low line move too much.   I would have to agree with Kevin though, he had the line and Jimmy blasted him out of the way.  Chase is on, 9 more races to go.  Our leader has a commanding lead but the upcoming races should allow the rest of the field to pull closer.   Good luck to all.
Week 26 Kenseth wins the race, JGR teams dominate the race.  The CHASE is on.  Next up is the local race in Chicago.  
Week 25 Carl Edwards flips over the field to win another race for JGR.   One more race until the Chase, 11 more races in our contest.   Next up is Richmond.   Good luck to all.
Week 24 Joey wins another race on the high banks of Bristol.  Good racing on the short track.  Too bad Bristol wasn't in the Chase.  Next up is Darlington after a week off.   Two more till the Chase, 12 more in our contest.  Good luck everyone.
Week 23 So the local boy wins his 3rd race of the year.   The JGR teams are rocking the circuit this year.   They started 1-2-3, and all four teams finished in the top 11.   They certainly have things connected.   The MWR team is imploding - don't look for them to be around next year (and possible this year).   Next up is the night race at Bristol - short track fun.    Perhaps Gordon get have a good car and win at a track that he does well at.   Would be nice to see him win a race during his last year (and make the Chase).
Week 22 Sorry, on vacation last week.   Here are the results.
Week 21 The streak comes to an end, Busch leads late in the race but runs out of gas.   The local Wisconsin boy is there to pick up the checkered flag - nice job by Kenseth and his crew (as well as all JGR team members).  Next up is the road race at Watkins Glen.
Week 20 Well, the cautions at the end made the race interesting - that and the thought of fuel mileage.   Rowdy continues his domination in both the NXS and the SCS series, wins 3 races in a row and is driven to make the Chase.   Stay out of his way - wow!   Nice job by Harvick, Logano and others.   Too bad Gordon got collected - would have been nice to see him win another.   Next up is Pocono #2.  Good luck to all.
Week 19 Kyle continues to dominate after returning from his injury.   He wins 3 of the last four races - amazing display.   As I said last week, it will be interesting to watch him fight his way into the Chase.

Next up is Indy - hopefully it will be a good race - indy tends to be boring for NASCAR.  I am hoping that Gordon can win and expect him to do so.

Week 18 Kyle puts on a show and makes The Chase interesting.   It really will be a chase to see if he will qualify for the Chase after two victories since his return.   Nice to see him put forth the effort.   Next up is SlingerNationals - oops, thats the local race tonight...    Next up is New Hampshire.   Good luck to all.
Week 17 Dale Jr puts on a show followed by the #3 car putting on a show through the fence.   Wild racing these restrictor plate races are.   Next up is Kentucky.
Week 16 Kyle Busch wins with the brother coming in second.  Next up is Firecracker 400 as we celebrate the 4th.   Good luck to all
Week 15 Kurt Busch wins the rain shortened event at Michigan.  2 wins for Kurt after missing the first few weeks of the season.  This team is driven to win this year.  Next up is Sonoma after a week off. 
Week 14 Truex wins - nice comment from last week.  He was certainly due a win based on his running.   Congrads to him and his team for a good run.  Next up is Michigan.
Week 13 JJ wins for a total of 10 at Dover.   Martin Truex has been on fire this year and is due for a win.   Next up is Pocono, we are a little more than 1/3 of the way through the contest this year.   Good luck to all.
Week 12 Edwards wins for his new JGR team - nice job.   Kyle returns and does a great job on the longest race of the season.
Week 11 JJ wins another race this year.   Strong finish from all the Hendrick cars.   Nice to see the young gun (Eric Jones) out there with the "big guys" - it is clear this kid has talent - especially if you put him in a nice car.   Now, keep it going straight and finish the race!

Next up is Charlotte in two week.

Week 10 Little E wins the race at Talledaga.   At least the stands were full for this race.  Next up is Kansas.
Week 9 Kurt Busch comes back from suspension and collects a victory.  The last few races have been pretty good for him.  Harvick finishes second to have a great showing for SHR.

Next up is Talladega baby!

Week 8 Kenseth wins for this first time this year and makes the Chase.   I wouldn't say he won - I would say he survived!

Harvick had the first misfortune of his season.   Lots of wrecks in this rain delayed race.

Would you have let Edwards start in front - I would not have.   It is tough to get bite down on the inside and I believe Kenseth made the correct call.

Next up is Richmond.

Week 7 JJ wins for the second time this season.  Next up is Bristol
Week 6 Hamlin wins again to take another clock from Martinsville.   Lots of talk about tires - should be interesting to see if SHR is involved. 

Harvick breaks his streak of top 2 finishes but still lead the most laps.   He is truly dominating this season.  

Easter break this weekend followed by Texas the week after.  Good luck to all.

Week 5 Harvick continues to dominate the early part of the season but BK pulls out a last lap victory after race control decides to throw out a late caution flag for debris (new word for Busch leading the race I guess).  Anyway, strong performance from the SHR cars at the beginning of the year.  Next up is the bang'm short track at Martinsville where you get the cool Clock for winning the race.   Good luck to all.
Week 4 Harvick dominates for the second week in a row.   This guy has been on a tear since late last year.   Next up is California (Fontana) to complete the west coast swing.   Quite simply - Harvick IS Freaky Fast!
Week 3 Harvick wins in dominating fashion on the 1.5 mile track.   He had everyone covered in this race.   He has been on fire the past 6 races.   Next up is Phoenix.
Week 2 JJ wins at Hot Lanta - oops, I think it was pretty cold down there.
Week 1 I am not a Joey Logano fan so nice job my Team Penske - Joey's motor was one of the few that did not blow up on Sunday.  I was hoping to see Jeff Gordon win the race but that was not happening.   Look for updates in a copy of weeks.
SUMMARY All entries have been made - download this file to check your entries and everyone else's entry.   Use CTRL-F to find your name as needed.   Any questions or problems let me know as soon as possible.


2015 Instructions

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FINAL OFFICIAL RESULTS ARE POSTED.   Thanks for participating.


I have completed the calculations for payout.  Mailing will be going out this weekend (12/13).   Any questions or problems let me know.


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