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5/7/18 - Week 11 results for Dover are posted.  If you see anything missing or that needs correction let me know.

Entries are posted below under SUMMARY.  Check you entry if you have time.  Send me a note if you see something amiss.



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Standings - The weekly results will be shown in this chart for you to download.  All reports will be posted in PDF format.  

Week # My comments
Week 11 Harvick dominates and earns the maximum of 60 points this week.   Did you have him?  I dudn't!   Next up is Kansas and I believe the return of the local Wisconsin driver (Kenseth) to the track in the 6 car. 
Week 10 Logano wins - next up is Dover.
Week 9 The 18 team has it together.   They won three in a row.   Doubt if they will make it four with Talledaga up next.   Nice showing by SHR teams.   The 10, 4, 14, 41 ran up front all day.  No predictions because there are too many that could win any week. 
Week 8 Rowdy wins the rain delayed Bristol race.  Lots of new faces in the top 10 here - the 88 car and he 10 car.   Hell, even the 48 car made it to the top this week!  Sad finish for some early dominating rides like the 2 and the 12.  Next up is Richmond.
Week 7 Lots of good drivers suffered DNFs this week.   Made for some room at the top for those that don't normally get top 10 or top 15 finishes.   That being said, congrads to the 18 team for a nice finish this week.  Next up is Bristol baby.   Talk to you next week.
Week 6 Nice showing by SHR racing to start the season - SHR has won 4 of the first 6 races so far this season.   Next up is Texas after a week off for the Easter Bunny.  
Week 5 Harvick wins 3 in a row to followup with a DNF (sort of). Looks like the 78 car is starting his domination again.  We are up and running - any problems let me know.
week 4 Harvick wins again - great start to the season for the #4 car and his team and fans.  Good luck to all for another great season.   Next up is California.
week 3 Harvick domination
week 2 Getting Started - results from Daytona and Atlanta
SUMMARY All entries have been made - download this file to check your entries and everyone else's entry.   Use CTRL-F to find your name as needed.   Any questions or problems let me know as soon as possible.

12/08/17 - Final results are posted   -  I am working on the mailing this weekend and will have checks mailed on Monday I hope.  Final payout will be posted later today.  Thanks for a great year.

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Thanks for playing along - it was a good year.

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