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2014 Instructions

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Standings - The weekly results will be shown in this chart for you to download.  All reports will be posted in PDF format.   Download a reader from www.adobe.com if you need one.

Week # My comments
Week 36 Here is the latest version of the standings.   I am still doublechecking some race entries.  I expect to have that completed shortly (probably during the NASCAR banquet).   Look for official standings to be posted in a day or two (12/3).   I do not anticipate any changes however as I have checked once and I have another person check my entries.
Week 35 Harvick wins this week and I think next week as well.   Will be interesting once again where the winner of the race may not be the winner of the Cup.   Good luck to all - it has been another fun year.
Week 34 OK - I am feeling a little punchy!  Back off!

Well, that was a fight to the finish and a finish to the fight.   Things are getting interesting.   I simply cannot imagine 4 people fighting for the win at Miami with everything on the line.   In the past it has been one or two drivers, this will be all out, balls to the walls, fight to the finish.   This will make for great TV, I just wish the track was more interesting like Bristol or Martinsville.   Oh well, two more weeks to go, Phoenix is up next.   I have no clue who is going to win the Cup at this point but I plan to stick with Harvick until he is elminatted.   Good luck to all.

Week 33 OK, three more weeks to go.   Things are getting interesting with lots of movement at the top.   Those good picks should be coming up soon while some at the top have "not too good" picks left.   Next up is Texas - good luck to all.
Week 32 First and foremost, that was a great race.   Restrictor plate races have plenty of excitement and the last 10 laps of that race was exciting and kept me standing staring at the TV.  As for the outcome, BK was booed at the track and their may have been some in my living room as well.   A champion needs to show class at all times - BK needs to learn that.  JJ and Little E are out, the local boy (Kenseth) is still in.  The next four events will be interesting - I do like the new format.   Harvick continues to be my pick for the Cup.
Week 31 Harvick has been leading laps for the last couple of weeks - it was bound to happen that he would win one of these.    He is my pick for the Cup this year - things are really happening for him and his team.

The new format is interesting - clearly the drivers and teams find that winning is important (as is finishing near the top).   Should I say that they FIGHT their way to the top!   We lose another four drivers this weekend - should be absolutely crazy at the restrictor plate track for that last lap or two.   This will be MUST SEE TV.   Good luck to all.

Next up is Talladega

Week 30 Logano posts another win for Team Penske - leads the most laps and puts up a challenge to everyone else.   Should be interesting two weeks as teams try to avoid elimination.   I like the new format so far!

Next up is

Week 29 Kevin Harvick continues to lead the most laps at most tracks but doesn't bring home the victory.  Nice to see Jeff Gordon in victory circle again this year.   Could be another Cup for Jeff this year.

Seven more races left in the contest this year.   We should have an interesting finish in our contest as there is lots of movement from week to week.   If you have any questions or concerns please let me know.

Next up is Kansas - I suspect the Penske cars will be ready for the challenge.

Week 28 Penske teams are putting down the hammer.  Two in a row for the team, one each for BK and Joey.   I still like Kevin Harvick - he continues to lead the most laps but doesn't get it done.  Watch out for him.

Next up is Dover - JJ is tops here so I look for a win from him.  Should be interesting as we lose 4 drivers in the Chase after this weekend's race.   Good luck to you all.

Week 27 The Cup Chase is on - BK lays it down for the first win but Harvick is leading lots of laps and I think has a great chance at the Cup.   Both the Penske cars are doing great.  Should be interesting as cars drop out - the last race should be excisting as the racing is pretty good right now.   Good luck to all.
Week 26 This was a dominating race by BK - The Blue Deuce.   Quite a year that Penske Racing is having.  They did great in Indy car and now they are winning racing in NASCAR.   Both Brad and Joey have to be favorites to win the Cup this year.   Will be interesting format for the last race.   I intend to be there for the drama.   Anyway, 10 races to go.   Better get your good guys moving along because the leaders in our contest have a large lead on the rest of us.  Next up is Chicagoland.
Week 25 Quick posting - here it is
Week 24 Joey Logano wins and BK comes in second for a dominating performance by team penske.   Thought for a while there that Kenseth would win a  race and a place in the chase but that wasn't going to happen tonight.  Next up is Hot'lanta.   Good luck to everyone.
Week 23 Jeff Gordon wins another race to highlight a great season.  Could another Cup be in store for the Boy Wonder?  Next up is Bristol.
Week 22 Nice job by AJ for his first win.
Week 21 Little E wins for the sweep at Pocono.   He is having a great season - would be nice to see him win the Cup.  Jeff Gordon seems to be hitting on all cylinders as well - wins one week and leads the most laps the next.   The Hendricks cars are doing pretty well.   Next up is road course at the Glenn.  Good luck to all.
Week 20 Jeff Gordon wins in a lackluster race.  Not too much excitement on the low banks of Indy for stock cars.  Gibbs cars finish 2,3, and 4 - wow, will be interesting if a fourth team shows up for Gibbs next year (Edwards?)

Next up is Pocono round 2 - good luck to all.

Week 19 Here you go
Week 18 Bing Bang - those cars move around like balls in a pinball machine when they get collected on the restrictor plate tracks.   I just don't like the racing on these tracks as a small mistake for one driver creates havoc for 15 or more other drivers. 

Congrads to Aric Almirola for his first Cup victory and also to the RPM team for a win - it has been a while.   We start the second half of the season - good luck to everyone.

Week 17 BK wins in dominating fashion - only three people led a lap at Kentucky.  I don't think it was just the track that had weepers this past weekend, I think some drivers did as well.   Next up is Daytona as we start the second half of the season.   Have a safe and joyous 4th - keep things red white and blue.
Week 16 First road course results are in and Rousch teams claim a victory.  Congrads to Edwards on his win.   Next up is Kentucky - good luck.
Week 15 JJ wins for 3 out of the last 4.   Harvick had the car to beat him but not the race strategy.   Next up is the first Road course at Sonoma.   Good luck to all.
Week 14 Little E passes BK near the end of the race to bring home the victory.   Oh, for the sake of a small piece of debris we could have had a battle at the end.   Smoke is back - nice to see him leading a race or two.   Bad luck for Matt Kenseth - Pocono and Matt do not get along yet Hamlin always does well there.  Nice outing by the rookie in the 42 car - I look forward to a victory from him yet this year.  Next up is Michigan.   Should be good racing.
Week 13 JJ wins again - 2 in a row - this time at the Monster Mile.  JJ dominates at the Monster Mile in Dover - WOW!   Tough break to see the track get in the way of McMurray - too bad NASCAR didn't give him a break like they did for Gordon a few years ago.  Next up is Pocono. 
Week 12 JJ wins his first for the year (and his second at Dover as of this writing). 
Week 11  
Week 10  
Week 9  
Week 8  
Week 7  
Week 6 Kurt Busch wins for Stewart Haas Racing - nice job.
Week 5 Jimmy Johnson looks like he is going to coast to victory until that tire blows, then Kyle takes over.   Too bad the tires were a problem - the speeds are up, the car setups are aggressive and the races become interesting.
Week 4 Carl Edwards back flips to victory.  Everything is now entered - if you have any problems let me know right away.
Week 3 Brad Kesolowski wins in the Blue Duece.   Drink up them Millers boys.
Week 2 Harvick wins the battle in the desert of Phoenix.   Nice start to the season with his new team.
Week 1 Daytona results - congrads to Little E and all his fans.   This was a good race.
SUMMARY All entries have been made - download this file to check your entries and everyone else's entry.   Use CTRL-F to find your name as needed.   Any questions or problems let me know as soon as possible.

2013 Letter and Rules


Tiebreaker rules were used for several places - remember, number of 1st, 2nds, 3rds, etc..  are used as the tiebreaker rules.   Thanks for participating.

Any questions send me an email - dave(at)guckenberger.com

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