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2/25/15 Welcome back to another great year.  Many forms have been received and I am in the process of entering all of them into the computer.   As you can imagine, the bulk of the entries show up on Monday and Tuesday (after the first race).   That being said, please don't start looking for updates until after the weekend when I can enter the rest of the forms.   Thanks for participating - please be patient.  

2015 Instructions

Dave G Entry

FINAL OFFICIAL RESULTS ARE POSTED.   Thanks for participating.


I have completed the calculations for payout.  Mailing will be going out this weekend (12/13).   Any questions or problems let me know.



PLEASE NOTE:  Any questions send me an email dave(AT)guckenberger.com

Standings - The weekly results will be shown in this chart for you to download.  All reports will be posted in PDF format.   Download a reader from www.adobe.com if you need one.

Week # My comments
Week 1 I am not a Joey Logano fan so nice job my Team Penske - Joey's motor was one of the few that did not blow up on Sunday.  I was hoping to see Jeff Gordon win the race but that was not happening.   Look for updates in a copy of weeks.
SUMMARY All entries have been made - download this file to check your entries and everyone else's entry.   Use CTRL-F to find your name as needed.   Any questions or problems let me know as soon as possible.


Any questions send me an email - dave(at)guckenberger.com

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