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12/22/16 - Official results are posted.   Here is the final results of the 2016 contest.

All payouts were mailed this morning.   If you have any questions send them to me.

Thanks for playing along - it was a good year.

2016 Final Standings

2016 Payout Report

Dave G.



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Standings - The weekly results will be shown in this chart for you to download.  All reports will be posted in PDF format.  

Week # My comments
Week 36 JJ wins for the 7th time - he is the Champion.
Week 35 Logano wins and advances while the local Wisconsin boy gets bumped out at the chance for a second crown.   I was hoping for Kenseth to make the Champ round.   Oh well, still a chance that the 18 can repeat or that Edwards can get that first elusive trophy.  
Week 34 Edwards becomes the surprise winner of the rain race at Texas.   I didn't see that coming.  Logano had the car to beat it seemed but there are 4 JDG cars in the field so you would expect 1 of them to make the final race.  Next up is Phoenix and then the Championship.   Two races to go, won't be a lot of movement in our contest any more.   Good luck to all.
Week 33 Johnson wins and punches his ticket for the championship.   Nice run by the JDG cars - lead a lot of laps but couldn't win.   Yellows seemed to create some drama at the end of the race.   Next up is Texas, should be a good one.
Week 32 Logano wins and advances.  Interesting move by the Joe Gibbs cars but you have to give him credit - all four teams are still in the Chase.   Thats pretty good if you ask me.   1 from Penske, 2 from Stewart Hass racing and 1 from Hendricks.   It was sad to see Truex get bumped as he has had a great year.  We could see a repeat with Kyle but the odds are clearly with the JDG teams.  4 races to go - good luck to all.
Week 31 Harvick wins to advance to the next round.   Next up is Talledaga - or should I say slamfest/crashfest.   Good luck as the season is winding down.
Week 30 JJ wins - the excitement builds.   Good luck to all.   Next up is Kansas.
Week 29 Truex wins again.  Only 7 more races to go - better get going!

Next up is Charlotte if Matthew (hurricane) doesn't get in the way.   Good luck to all.

Week 28 Truex looks to be the dominate driver during the chase this year but Kenseth leads late and (with lots of cautions) Harvick makes the late race pass to win the race.  Next up is Dover.   I will be looking for the 48 and 20 do dominate but the 24 could be a good choice as well.
Week 27 Truex starts the CHASE with a win and advances.  Two great rookies in the series this year with Chase Elliott and Ryan Blaney.   Nice to see the young talent as the older guys retire.   Next up is New Hampshire.   Good luck to all.
Week 26 Hamlin wins a great race at Richmond.   Short track racing is some of the best racing.   The CHASE begins with a race in Chicago.   10 more races to go, better get your "good drivers" to get lots of points (or join me at the bottom).
Week 25 Truex wins - great season for this team and this driver.   He could surprise everyone this year and win the Cup for a single car team.   Wouldn't that be a great story.   Next up is Richmond.
Week 24 Always good to see a first time winner in NASCAR.  This one was long overdue.   Chase Elliott and Ryan Blaney were not far behind.

Next up is Darlington.

Week 23 Rain delayed race won by Harvick.  Big shake up this week with good cars getting collected in crashes.  Next up is Michigan
Week 22 Penske cars were running strong but the JGR car pulls out the victory with Denny Hamlin celebrating his first ever road course win.   Nice job by all teams.  Next up is Bristol in two weeks.   The teams get a well deserved summer break this weekend.  
Week 21 Chris Bucher won - who? - Chris Busher -who?  Chris Buescher - Yes, the rookie in the #34 was up front when the rain came and had enough fuel to stay up front until the race was called.  Lots of good cars could have won this race but the right calls were made by the team to earn that victory and the ticket to the Chase.  Oops,  seems like the 34 car is in 31st place right now.   With a teammate in 29th it will be interesting to see how/if the team manipulates the races to allow the 34 to earn that spot in the Chase.   I ain't afraid to say it, watch for the 38 car to fall behind each week!  Next up is the other road course at The Glenn.   Good luck to all.
Week 20 Kyle Busch puts on a workshop on how to race all weekend long.   WOW!  Another dominating week by the JGR cars.   If not for a late race crash by Edwards all 4/5 of them would have been in the top 10.   Take nothing from Kyle, he has been ON FIRE for the past 12 months.

Next up is Pocono.  

Week 19 Kenseth wins and then fails inspection.  Oh Well, the local boy won another race.   Then he comes to Slinger and bumps Jones out of the way to win that race for the 7th time.   Great to have him back in Wisconsin.  

Looks like the JGR cars dominated at New Hampshire and not really the SHR cars.   Sure, Tony finished second but Kenseth, Busch and Hamlin led 176 laps and Truex (sister company) led 123 laps.  That leaves 2 laps not lead by a Gibbs powered car.

Next up is Indy - hope the tires hold up and we get a good race.

Week 18 Nascar continues to make up the rules as they go along (or should I say enforce the rules).   The #78 had the best car and could/would have won the race if not for a late call from the boss (nascar).   NASCAR continues to decline as the fans continue to be confused about the rules - like the drivers and teams.

Good call from the #2 team to leave him Brad out for a fuel run.  Made the finish interesting as we watched Truex race to the front.  Next up is New Hampshire - looknig for another solid run form the SHR teams.

Week 17 The Blue Deuce wins again - giving Brad K three wins on the season.  The "big one" took out many top cars resulting in a nice finish by Bayne, Biffle, Bowyer, McDowell, Whitt, and others.  As has been typical in plate races, the finish always comes with controversy.  Next up is Kentucky.
Week 16 Smoke wins - nice to see that happen in his last season of competition.  Was a very eventful last lap!   Next up is Daytona to start the second half of the hear.   Good luck to all.
Week 15 Joey Logano wins the race.   As expected, the 2 and 22 dominated the race with Joey leading the most laps and the 2 car finishing in fourth.  Nice to see a strong run in the 24 car by the rookie driver Chase Elliott.  Good to see a strong run from Tony Stewart.  Next up is the road course at Somona.   I am going to predict that the SHR cars will be strong here with one of them winning the race - Tony, Kurt or Kevin.
Week 14 Kurt Busch wins the rain delayed race at Pocono.  Next up is Michigan.  High speeds in the backyard of the auto industry.   Look for the 2 and 22 to dominate this weekend.
Week 13 Never have we seen such a dominating race like this last race - Truex led 98% of the laps - 392 of 400.   That is just amazing.   Downside of course is that NASCAR will make changes to create more parity.   Nice job by Martin and his team - he has been a contender all season and earns a well deserved spot in the chase.  Next up is race 1 at Pocono.   Hope there is some exciting racing there - the fan base is shrinking fast and we need some more excitement (and lower prices I think).
Week 12 Kenseth wins the crash filled race at Dover.  Next up is Charlotte after a week off for All-Star racing. 
Week 11 Truex leads the most races but gets stung by a lug nut.   He had the race won but things happen.   Nice job by KB to clean up at the end.  Next up is Dover. 
Week 10 The crashfest was on - with BK coming out on top.   Can't say it was good racing due to the smashed cars out there.   Would be nice to see it change but it does result in lots of torn up race cars.  Next up is Kansas - look for JGR cars to dominate a little.
Week 9 Carl Edwards wins two in a row - a little bump and run to his teammate will not go unnoticed later.  Nice all around job by the JGR teams.

Next up is Talledaga - should be fun on the high banks.

Week 8 Carl Edwards back flips to a victory at Bristol Baby!   Dale Jr recovers from an early incident to finish in second - nice job.   A lot of back runners putting on a show throughout the race - even the 83 car finished with a top 10.  Next up is Richmond.   More excitement at the small tracks.
Week 7 Kyle Busch wins for the second week in a row.   He is on a hot streak since he returned last year.  He was there at the end when it mattered - tough luck for Martin Truex who had a great car as did Carl Edwards.   The best car doesn't always win as we know.   Next up is Bristol Baby!
Week 6 The Current Champ wins one to qualify for the Chase - Busch wins in dominating fashion (or course he put Kenseth out to pasture with the last restart - nice job for a teammate).   Good racing so far this year.   Next up is Texas.  Good luck to all.
Week 5 Harvick leads most of the laps only to be passed at the end by Jimmy Johnson - has been close racing all year so far.   Is close exciting - depends on who you want to win.   Nice job by JJ and his team - next up is Martinsville after a break for Easter.
Week 4 Harvick wins by a foot (or a couple of inches).   That was a great fight to the finish with Edwards.   Sure wonder how Harvick would have handled the situation if he got beat!?   4 races in and 4 different winners.  Should be a good year with this aero package.   
Week 3 Brad K wins - making it one for Toyota, one for Chevy and one for Ford.   We are off to a great start of the year.   Congrats to BK and his team. 
Week 2 Jimmy Johnson wins while Harvick leads the most laps.   Only 39 cars started the race - we already have contestants with DNS (did not starts).  It will be an interesting year.   We are off and running - good luck to all.   If you see anything amiss please let me know.
Week 1 Denny Hamlin wins.  Update to follow
SUMMARY All entries have been made - download this file to check your entries and everyone else's entry.   Use CTRL-F to find your name as needed.   Any questions or problems let me know as soon as possible.

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