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12/08/17 - Final results are posted   -  I am working on the mailing this weekend and will have checks mailed on Monday I hope.  Final payout will be posted later today.

2017 Money Breakdown

03/16/17 - Updates to SUMMARY are posted.   Errors on entry and missing a couple of entries.  Still waiting for some payments from a couple of people.

03/15/17 - OK - first report for the 2017 year is available.   I have a couple of open issues with entries like I do every year.   I have people who don't write check to me or "cash" and I have problems with payments.   That being said, the contest can grow or shrink by 1 or 2 as we move along from here.   I will provide explanations as they happen.   Attached is the first report - results from Daytona, Atlanta and LasVegas all combined.   Any questions let me know.

Entries are posted below under SUMMARY.  Check you entry if you have time.  Send me a note if you see something amiss.

2017 Rules and welcome letter

Dave G.




PLEASE NOTE:  Any questions send me an email dave(AT)guckenberger.com

Standings - The weekly results will be shown in this chart for you to download.  All reports will be posted in PDF format.  

Week # My comments
Week 36 First things first - thanks to Earnhardt Jr and Kenseth.   Enjoyed watching your class and your talents.  Fitting that Patrick would crash in her last race - I believe the guys back in the shop are happy to fix their last car. 

On to Truex - he dominated all year so it was good to see him win the championship. 

Week 35 Sorry for late results
Week 34 Harvick pulls off the win with a late pass over the 78 car which was once again dominant.  Will be a good race at Homestead.   Only two races left in our contest and things are becoming predictable at the top and the bottom.   Yes I am there at the bottom with no hope of getting off of it.  The top looks like there will not be much movement unless some of the drivers/teams have lots of problems.  Side note - sorry to see Kenseth get pushed aside.  Was always great to see the local Wisconsin boy do well at the highest level.   Too bad there is no room at the inn for him.   Next up is Phoenix.
Week 33 Kyle Busch wins the at the end - certainly it was a short track race!   Lots of people upset at the end.   Class statements by Chase Elliott - can't say the same for the driver of the 11 car.   It was probably a racing thing but I have seen worse in the past.   Next up is the high speeds of Texas - three more races to go in our contest.   Good luck to all - remember all results are unofficial until double checked.   I have started the process for this year and hope to have everything completed by the first week of December.   As always, let me know if you see something wrong.
Week 32 The 78 car shows more dominance for 2017.   Would be injustice if he did not win the Cup this year.   7 races won!  

4 more races to go.   Next up is Martinsville.   Good luck to all.   (YES, that is me in last place in this contest).

Week 31 BK wins the race of attrition.  Crash Crash Crash - that has become the way it works at Talledaga.   Lots of playoff drivers caught up in the crashes and the new 5 minute repair rule.   Next up is Kansas for the 1.5 mile track - look for JGR cars to run up frount.
Week 30 The 78 car continues to show its dominance.    Our contest is coming to the end - 6 more races to go.   Next up is Talledaga.   Good luck to all.
Week 29 KB wilns two in a row (and could have won at Chicago).   The 78 and the 18 will be battling at the end I am sure.   Next up is Charlotte.

If you are looking for me - yes that is me at the bottom of the standings.   I just cannot get a break.  Good luck to the rest of you!

Week 28 Kyle Busch wins a race dominated by Toyotas.   Field of 16 moves to Dover and the Monster Mile for last race of elimination.  Love that Monster Mile trophy!
Week 27 The 78 car starts the playoffs with a dominating performance as he has done all year.  He truly is the most dominant car out there.   Anyway, next up is New Hampshire.  9 races remain in the contest.  Better good those "good guys" out there now.
Week 26 Ambulance on the race track - screwed two drivers out of a good finish.  Sucks to be the 14 and the 20 car fighting to win races.   NASCAR will need to step up their game as the season winds down.   Will be interesting to see how NASCAR will handle an encumbered win at Homestead.   10 races to go in the contest - good luck to all.   That 78 car is the most dominant car out there and should have won if not for a late caution. 
Week 25 Several Darlington stripes this race - with Hamlin pulling out the win.   Next up is Richmond.
Week 24 WOW - the 78 car did not finish in the top 10!   Kyle Busch wins the short track race and the JGR cars dominate.    Next up is Darlington in two weeks - enjoy the end of summer.
Week 23 The Target car zooms past at the last restart to win the race - exciting finish to a rather lackluster race.   Next up is the night race at Bristol.
Week 22 The Glen standings are completed
Week 21 Kyle Busch wins.  Nice showing by all the JGR cars.  Next up is the road course at Watkins Glen.
Week 20 Kahne wins the crashfest at Indy.   The 18 and 78 had the race but "one of the racing things" happened.  Would have been nice to see Penske win but it was good to see Kasey win after the long drought.   Next up is Pocono. 
Week 19 Denny Hamlin wins the race in New Hampshire for the first Gibbs victory of the year.  Next up is Indy - good luck to you all.
Week 18 Jimmy Johnson finishes LAST-you never get to say that much.  A complete domination of the race and the points by the 78 car of Truex.  That team is doing something right this year and he deserves to win the Cup.   He has been on fire for the last couple of years.  Next up is New Hampshire.  
Week 17 Crashfest!   Stenhouse wins second race this season.  Wow!  This week's race caused some damage in our contest as some of the traditional front runners had problems (crashes).  Next up is Kentucky.
Week 16 The dominant driver all year has been the 78 of Truex but the point leader is the 41 of Larson.   Interesting points standings because of the system.   Oh well, the Ford of Harvick wins the race and we move on to Daytona for the second half of the season.   Good luck to all.   have a safe and Happy Fourth.l
Week 15 Late but complete.   Larson wins with the youngster Elliott right behind.
Week 14 Ever since the 6th race of the year I predicted that that 21 car was going to win.   There is a lot of talent in that driver (which is why Penske wants him).  Nice job by the 21 team on a well deserved victory celebration.   Next up is Michigan.
Week 13 JJ wins another one - and takes home the awesome Monster Mile trophy (I think the coolest trophy in sports).  Danica actually gets a top ten finish!  Next up is Pocono.  
Week 12 The #3 returns to victory lane - nice job by the RCR teams.  Interesting with 4 segments in the race - there are lots of points to be given.   Next up is Dover - the Monster Mile.
Week 11 Truex wins the race but Blaney put on the show.   There are a couple of young drivers who should win a race this year - Blaney, Elliott, and Suarez.  Its been good racing for the top 25, the rest is just happening.   Would be nice to get the sport back to its prime!   Next up is the All Star race followed by the CC600 on Memorial Day weekend. 
Week 10 Crash - boom - done.   The 5 minute clock is simply not enough for this track!   Good to see a first time winner - congrads to Rousch and Stenhouse for a long awaited victory.   Next up is Kansas followed by Charlotte.   Good luck to all.
Week 9 Logano wins the short track race.   Tires continue to plague the JGR teams.  Next up is Talledaga.
Week 8 JJ wins rain delayed race.   Which I could have watched it.
Week 7 I thought that 21 car was going to win as predicted last week.   Sure runs strong for a young guy.   Lots of young guys running up front this year but an old guy wins the race.  The point system is crazy with the segments but it is working out OK for me.   Next up is Bristol after a break for the Easter Bunny!!!
Week 6 The Blue Duece wins again.   Nice dominating performance by the BK team from Penske.   Both Penske cars were strong.  It was good to see some ofthe other names up there battling as well.    The 21 car and the 24 car are going to win a race this year.  Good to see the #3 and the #31 fighting for position at the end of the race.   Lots of good strong cars this year.  Next up is Texas.
Week 5 Wild and crazy finish to this race with Larson coming out on top - I thought for sure the 78 car would win.  Next up is the paperclip at Martinsville.   Short track racing at its finest.
Week 4 RCR wins one with Newman.  The scoring system is really crazy in NASCAR this year.  Huge differences in points for some drivers/teams.  Next up is California.
week 3 Knock'm Sock'm racing this past week.   Nice to see a little spirit in some drivers.   Anyway, that 78 car had it connected this past weekend and Truex DOMINATED the race.   He also got MANY extra points for a total of 60 - which is a lot in this contest.  Tough luck for Harvick as he dominated the first two races only to have tire problems and get knocked out early with 1 point.  Next up is Phoenix.   We are off to a great start - enjoy.
SUMMARY All entries have been made - download this file to check your entries and everyone else's entry.   Use CTRL-F to find your name as needed.   Any questions or problems let me know as soon as possible.

2016 Rules and Letter

Thanks for playing along - it was a good year.

2016 Final Standings

2016 Payout Report

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